CS 128 development environment setup

This assignment is due Friday, June 17, 2022 at 05:00 CDT. See the syllabus for our late policy.


Today's primary objective is to set up the CS 128 development environment on your machine; it is a day for careful direction following. While today's "assignment" is not graded, it will be challenging to complete your work in this course if you do not have our environment set up. Should you require assistance with setup, office hours are held on the 128 queue at times specified on the course calendar.

Environment Setup

You will install and configure the CS 128 development environment on your machine; a requirement for our course. Our environment comes with the toolchain you will be expected to use. We provide:

  • a sensibly configured formatter (clang-format) and linter (clang-tidy) that gets hooked into the graphical environment to enforce code formatting, while also providing real-time linting to help flag potential errors, bugs, and suspicious constructs,
  • memory management and undefined behavior bug detectors, including ASan, UBSan, and Valgrind,
  • common debuggers (gdb and lldb) bound to a visual debugging interface affording line-by-line visual debugging, and
  • more!
It is important that you properly install our environment, since you will:
  • submit your solutions to the machine problems to an auto-grader whose grading container is configured identically to the CS 128 development environment.

Let's get started!

  • Complete the CS 128 Development Environment Set-up Instructions.
  • Once you have successfully installed the CS 128 development environment, compiled hello_world.cc, and ran the resultant executable -- you have satisfactorily setup your CS 128 development environment!