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What you need to know, now!

The summer course is accelerated, completing 15-weeks of content in 8-weeks. One consequence is that you will be completing 2x the amount of lecture material per week. We have increased how graded lessons contribute to your overall grade to acknowledge this increase in pace. To better accommodate this boost in speed, we will not have lab activities, nor will we assign a weekly quiz. Instead, you will be responsible for the lesson content, their respective activities, and the weekly machine problems this summer. For your information, you will complete roughly half the number of machine problems assigned during a regular semester.

Action items

Important notes

Please note the following:

  • We will release the first weekly machine problem on June 17. This assignment will be a pre-flight machine problem worth fewer points than an actual machine problem.
  • This week's graded lessons are due by 23:59 Champaign local time on Sunday, June 19.
  • Office hours begin on the first day of class (i.e., June 13): they are held on the 128 queue at times specified on the course calendar.
  • Assignments will be released and due on the schedule described in the syllabus.

A typical week

This class breaks from traditional collegiate lectures by delivering course content through a series of asynchronous daily lessons available on-demand through our course website. Each workday, you will complete a daily lesson. Each lesson introduces new material through a combination of text, video, and interactive walkthroughs. Each work week, you will also be responsible for completing the weekly machine problem.

Here's what a typical week will look like in CS 128:


  • Daily lesson released at 05:00.


  • Daily lesson released at 05:00.
  • MP checkpoint deadline, 23:59.


  • Daily lesson released at 05:00.
  • MP Extra credit deadline, 23:59.


  • Daily lesson released at 05:00.
  • MP deadline, 23:59.


  • Daily lesson released, 05:00.
  • New MP released, 05:00.


  • n/a


  • Previous lesson week's graded lessons are due by 23:59.