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Michael Nowak

From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Joan Ball

Senior in CS and Psychology, and from Texas!

Daniel Gleason

Hi! I'm Daniel, a Junior in CS. Talk to me about video games!

Nathan Park
Also speaks 한국어 CS major. Full-stack dev. From Seattle.


Cindy Hernandez
Also speaks español I love matcha tea, watching movies/shows, & playing board games


Kanav Bhatnagar
Also speaks हिन्दी I've been coding in C++ for ~5 years, so it's my favorite language :)
Erin Dowdy

Sophomore in Computer Science and Geography & GIS, from St. Louis area

Yucheng Jiang
Also speaks 官话 Sophomore in Stats and Cs.
Sruthi Kilari

Hi! I'm Sruthi and I'm a sophomore in CS and Econ :)

Arman Mahtabfar

CS major and golf enthusiast

Nirmal Prakash

I'm a senior in CS. I'm also an Everton fan.

Daniel Qian
Also speaks 官话 Hello! I am a Sophomore majoring in Math and Computer Science.
Shreya Sharma

two thumbs up for cs 128 👍👍

Adarsh Suresh

Hey, I'm Adarsh! I'm a sophomore in Math & CS.

Ahmet Turker
Also speaks Türkçe, Deutsch My name is Kadri Turker, I'm a junior in CS. I'm a Turkish Delight!
Matthew Walowski

Sophomore in CS from the Chicago area.

Bryant Zhou
Also speaks 官话 Warriors fan; Really want to dunk