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Michael Nowak
From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Erin Dowdy
St. Louis, MO Senior in CS+Geography, graduating Dec. 2022
Georges Durand
Also speaks français Antibes, France Hi, I’m Georges! Outside of CS, I’m an avid cook and rock climber :)
Nathan Park
Hi, I'm Nathan! Dev at work, cat dad at home!


Carlos Augusto Alves Pereira
Master's Student in Computer Science
Srinjoy Das
Elden Ring Hi! You can call me Joy. I'm a second-year MS CS student.
Ryan Guo
Also speaks 日本語, 普通话 Rhinos Rhino lovers, assemble.
Ricky Hsu
Also speaks 普通话 C++ I am a Computer Science MS student interested with network research.
Chris Kull
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Graduate MCS student, ask me about the tea I'm currently enjoying!
Greg Lee
Also speaks español Smash Bros CS grad student with a focus in machine learning and bioinformatics
Eric Liro
Also speaks polski Elephant Hey! MCS grad student. Play violin and guitar. Like to read. Return TA
Adarsh Kumar Suresh
Bangalore Hey I'm Adarsh! I like watching movies, baking, and running!
Joshua Ge Wu
Video Game 2nd Year MCS Student, I enjoy video games and the like.


Sue Ahn
Also speaks 한국어 Auckland Hi! I'm a junior in math and cs.
Mohammad Hamiz Anjum
Persona 5 Hi! I am Sophomore studying Math from the Chicago Suburbs.
Brendan Adam Biernacki
Marching Illini I like anything Math or CS related.
Harsh Bishnoi
Also speaks हिन्दी, español binary Hey! I'm Harsh, feel free to hit me up for a game of pool 🎱💪...
Elaine Wei Cai
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Hi! I'm Elaine and I'm a junior CS major.
Yirong Chen
Also speaks 普通话 C++ Math & CS student
Owen Patrick Cushing
CS + Music. Love sound and art. Huge synthesizer nerd.
Tyler Cushing
Math and CS major that needs more break time. Happy to help!
Siya Digra
Also speaks हिन्दी League of Legends My name is Siya and I love live orchestras and Iron Man.
Ben Evanoff
Linguistics major interested in NLP & bilingualism. Nature enjoyer ✌️
Akshay Ghosh
Junior studying Stats & CS. Took CS 128 & was a CA for Spring 2022!
Grace Go
Also speaks 한국어 Chipotle Helloooo :) I'm Grace, junior in CS & Stats!
Anjali Uma Goel
Basque cheesecake I’m from Dayton, OH and I love to paint! Current MechE major/CS minor.
Ben Guan
Also speaks 普通话 Lord of the Rings Hi! I’m Ben, a sophomore studying CS. I like piano and video games.
Aarohi Gupta
Also speaks हिन्दी Hi! I love music and have a band called Passive Agressive on campus.
Sambhav Gupta
Also speaks français, हिन्दी Competitive Eating. I am sophomore pursuing CS. I love doing rock climbing and party hard!
Mayank Hirani
Grand Theft Auto V hello and welcome to cs 128!
Jeewon Koo
Also speaks 한국어 Python Senior majoring in Computer Science from Republic of Korea :)
Jinheng Li
Also speaks 普通话 Birds Bird Lover (have 2 budgies at home) && experienced tank driver in BFV
Shlok Mehrotra
Also speaks हिन्दी Cat Spongebob addict
Yug Mittal
Also speaks हिन्दी, español Hello, I was a CA last semester! I like Marvel and Star Wars movies!
Chris Munoz
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory I love to learn how games are programmed from the ground-up!
Stephanie Patterson
Also speaks español The Stanley Parable Hi! I'm a junior studying CS + Linguistics, interested in game design!
Aydan Pirani
C/C++ Hello! I'm Aydan, and it's my 3rd sem CAing. Excited for the semester!
Daniel Greg Pogrebinsky
Also speaks Русский язык Chickens Hello! My name is Daniel and I hope to get to know you all :)
Cayla Joy Risinger
I enjoy doing craft projects and reading books!
Ayaan Nirmal Shah
Also speaks हिन्दी Fondue I'm a sophomore in CS, and I love swimming, lattes, and lame jokes
Jonathan Tessel Sneh
Also speaks עברית Ask me about poetry, math, systems programming, or bouldering!
Aryan Girish Vaswani
Also speaks हिन्दी I'm super into aviation, coding, and bollywood music!
Arthur L Wang

Nicholas Wong
Also speaks Bahasa Indonesia, 普通话, español Sophomore who was a CA for CS 128 in the Summer & am glad to help out!
Davis Zhang
Also speaks 普通话 Paddington 2 I'm Davis! Outside of CS, I love all kinds of sports and hip-hop!
Brandon Zhang
C++ Sophomore in Statistics & Computer Science
Jonathan Scott Zhang