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Michael Nowak
He / Him From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)
Jule Schatz
She / Her University of Michigan (B.S.E, Masters, and Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Yirong Chen
He / Him Math & CS student
Georges Durand
He / Him Stat and CS Senior
Anjali Uma Goel
She / Her I'm a senior in MechE. Besides CS, I do taekwondo and I love to bake!
Nathan C Park
He / Him Hi, I'm Nathan! Dev at work, cat dad at home!
Julian Schiavo
He / Him i dream all day & code all night


Farhan Abdul Qadir
Hey! CS Grad student. I enjoy playing chess, badminton, and other sports
Elen Chatikyan
She / Her I am a first year Masters student in CS department here at UIUC.
Andrew Chen
He / Him I do stuff on the intersection of CompSci and Design :)
Sukin Krishnasamy
He / Him Avid learner and a passionate listener. Warriors and 49ers fan.
Minhyuk Park
He / Him Hi, I'm Min.
Krut Patel
He / Him i_am_kroot. Linux is life. I love all things anime, film and TV!
Raunak Shah
He / Him Teaching Assistant | MS CS
Eleanor Wedell
She / Her 2nd year PhD


Shanav Verma Bagga
He / Him Hi! My name's Shanav and I'm a sophomore majoring in Stats and minoring in CS.
Evan Joshua Berman
He / Him Hi! I'm a junior from Vermont majoring in chemistry. I love cubing & pickleball.
Rishabh Bezbarua
He / Him Heya, I'm Bez! I like programming, movies, and video games (mostly Terraria).
Sambuddha Biswas
He / Him C++ is my passion
Sydney Reese Casey
She / Her Math, CS, and stats lover. Will code for sushi.
Owen Patrick Cushing
He / Him i love all things music + art + technology. happy to help :) make cool things!
Emilia Grace Daniels
She / They fall out boy lover first, human being second <3
Tianshun Gao
He / Him A senior in Math and CS, and it's my first time as a CA.
Frank Gong
He / Him My name is Jiangshan Gong, or you can call me Frank.
Timothy D Gonzalez
He / Him Hey, I'm Timothy. I enjoy programming & sci-fi stuff like Ready Player One.
Ben Guan
He / Him Hi! I'm Ben, a rising junior CS major. I love gaming and reading!
Anjana Reddy Gulapalyam
She / Her Hi! I'm a junior in CS + Advertising :)
Aarohi Gupta
Hello! I am a fan of ML, playing/listening to music and practicing martial arts.
Elise Hutchins
She / Her I'm a CS major with an physics minor and am part of the Illini Water Ski Team!
Aditya Jindal
He / Him Undefined reference to "bio"
Shreya Kannan
She / Her Hi everyone! I am Shreya, and I am a sophomore studying CS+Econ. I love C++!
Aadit Vikram Kolar
He / Him Sophomore in Aerospace minoring in CS
Adrian Lara
He / Him Hello, I'm Adrian a current sophomore in CS. I enjoy playing Pokemon on my GBC.
Sophia Liu
She / Her Sophomore in CS, passionate about art, and happy to help!
Hansen Liu
He / Him CS, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, CSE. From Jing'an, Shanghai
Anush Mishra
He / Him Hi, I'm a Physics major with a passion for CS. I also love cats and poetry!
Yug Mittal
He / Him Hello! 4th time CA here who enjoys Marvel, Star Wars, Breaking Bad, and Anime.
Shubham More
He / Him coffee, C++, rinse and repeat. Looking forward to a great semester!
Chris Munoz
VirtualAlloc enthusiast
Noboru Benjamin Myers
He / Him Hi my name is Nobo and I'm a mechanical engineering major with a CS minor.
Cayla Joy Risinger
She / Her I recently started crocheting and I also like to make jewelry in my free time :)
Amol Shah
He / Him Hey! I'm a sophomore studying CS and this is my second semester as a CA.
Varun Shroff
He / Him I love most sports with my favourite being soccer.
Gwendolyn Slaughter
She / Her I'm a Junior majoring in Information Science + Data Science and doing a CS minor
Ryan To
He / Him Hi! I eat, game, eat, sleep, and repeat. Oh, don't forget eating. Go Cubs Go!
Rohit Valmeekam
He / Him Bay Area -> UIUC. Sophomore who loves to code.
Riya Verma
She / Her I'm majoring in Stat & CS. My hobbies include playing badminton and piano.
Bennett Wu
He / Him Hobby photographer, pianist; tech enthusiast; professional anime watcher
Lumi Xu
She / Her Hey! I'm Lumi Xu, a junior in Math & Stat. I like podcast and games : )
Kyler Yu
He / Him Hi, my name is Kyler! I'm a sophomore in majoring in computer science.
Bill Jiahao Zhang
He / Him Hi, I'm a stat&cs major! I'm a sophomore from Shanghai.
Alex Zhang
He / Him Hi! I'm a soph in CS + Philosophy. Nice to meet you all!
Yanni Zhuang
He / Him Hey there! I'm Yanni, and I'm a sophomore in CS. I love a capella and tennis!