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Michael Nowak
From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Yirong Chen
Coding Math & CS student
Georges Durand
Antibes, France Hi, I’m Georges! Outside of CS, I’m an avid cook and rock climber :)
Anjali Uma Goel
Albrecht Durer I’m from Dayton, OH and I love to paint! Current MechE major/CS minor.
Nathan C Park
Hi, I'm Nathan! Dev at work, cat dad at home!
Jonathan Tessel Sneh
stats&cs major, poet, excited to help you


Farhan Abdul Qadir
Cats Hey! CS Grad student. I enjoy playing badminton and video games
Ariel Dang
Genshin Impact! Hi, I'm cs grad student. Nice to meet you all!
Srinjoy Das
Elden Ring Hi! You can call me Joy. I'm a second-year MS CS student
Yuhao Feng
Genshin Impact Graduate MCS student. Apple fan. Anime enthusiast.
Seemandhar Jain
Pani-Puri Find me on social, I'm always up for a game or chat.
Sukin Krishnasamy
C++ Figuring out life, one line of code at a time. Warriors and Niners fan
Chris Kull
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Graduate MCS student, ask me about the tea I'm currently enjoying!
Haorong Lu
Elden Ring Hey! MCS grad student. I enjoy driving, road trip and video games.
Ruthwik Pala
C++ Hi I'm Ruthwik, I like to play chess and badminton.
Minhyuk Park
Wally <3 Hi, I'm Min! I have a corgi named Wally.
Serena Raju
Percy Jackson For a 'byte' of CS, we go bit by bit from 1 2 8!
Sivaa Shaanth Rani Sivanath Babu
Rainbow Six Siege If I am not online here, I am most probably playing siege :)
Junda Shen
Hi, I'm Junda! I like watching movies and playing badminton.
Aditya Sinha
Pasta Hello! I love talking about code, coffee and learning!
Jason Jun Situ
Badminton PhD in CS. I'm a big fan of badminton and skiing.
Adarsh Kumar Suresh
Bangalore Hey I'm Adarsh! I like watching movies, baking, and running!
Rick Wang
Corgi Hello, I'm a MCS student, and my favorite programming language is C++.
Bryant Zhou
Principles Crypto and Real Estate enthusiast!!


Humza Danyal Ahmad
Dark Souls 3 Hi, I'm Humza! I like haleem and video games.
Sue Ahn
Hello! I'm a junior in math and cs.
Mohammad Hamiz Anjum
Hollow Knight Hi! I am Sophomore studying Math & CS
Brendan Adam Biernacki
Marching Illini Sophomore in CS and Math. Hope you enjoy the class!
Sambuddha Biswas
C++ is the goat
Joshua Brown
Hi! My name is Josh and I am excited to be a CA for CS128!
Owen Patrick Cushing
CS + Music. Love all things sound and technology.
Tyler Cushing
Math and CS major that needs more break time. Happy to help!
Grace Go
KFT Helloooo :) I'm Grace, junior in CS & Stats!
Timothy D Gonzalez
Ready Player One Hello, I'm Timothy! I enjoy programming, biking, and strategy games.
Ben Guan
Lord of the Rings Hi! I’m Ben, a sophomore studying CS. I like piano and video games.
Anjana Reddy Gulapalyam
Pokemon! Hi! I'm a sophomore in CS + Advertising :)
Sambhav Gupta
Sea Shells Hunting I am sophomore pursuing CS. I love doing rock climbing and party hard!
Aarohi Gupta
Hi! I have a band called Passive Agressive on campus.
Mayank Hirani
Grand Theft Auto V hello and welcome to cs 128!
Shashank Hirani
Guacamole I like playing CSGO
Elise Hutchins
The Calculating Stars I'm part of the Illini Waterski Team and also love listening to music!
Aditya Jindal

Shreya Kannan
Cat Love C++, Python, playing the violin and tea!
Adrian Lara
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Hello, I’m Adrian and I enjoy playing Pokémon Go in my free time.
Zach Larson
Chicago Hey! I'm Zach and I enjoy computer science and rock climbing!
Leah Nicole Ludwikowski
Axolotl Hi I’m Leah! I love cross stitching, baking, and being out in the snow
Yug Mittal
Hello, this is my 3rd time as a CS 128 CA. Fan of Marvel+Star Wars
Noboru Benjamin Myers
Solidworks Hi, I'm Nobo! I like playing piano and singing in choir.
Yash Rathod
Football (aka soccer) Hi, I’m Yash, from Chennai. My favourite languages are C++ and Python!
Cayla Joy Risinger
I enjoy doing craft projects and reading books!
Julian Schiavo
hey hey! international italian swift lover, daydreamer, night coder
Amol Shah
Llama Hey I'm Amol! I love reading, playing badminton, and watching football
Varun Shroff
Java I love watching most sports with soccer being my favourite.
Gwendolyn Slaughter
Penguin Hi I'm Gwen and my favorite programming language is Java!
Aryan Girish Vaswani
I'm super into aviation, software (of course), and bollywood music!
Ansh Verma
What If? by Randall Munroe Hello! I'm Ansh, I like learning stuff on YouTube in my free time.
Diya Yunus
Badminton Hey! I'm from Seattle and love drinking iced caramel macchiato!
Brandon Zhang
C++ Sophomore in Statistics & Computer Science