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Michael Nowak
From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Erin Dowdy
CS + Geography & GIS major from St. Louis, MO area
Nathan Park
Also speaks 한국어 Full-stack dev from Seattle.
Adarsh Kumar Suresh
Italian Sausage Hey, I'm Adarsh! I'm a junior in Math & CS.


Carlos Augusto Alves Pereira

Graduate CS student from Portugal

John Richard Armgardt
First year MCS student
Yu Bu
Also speaks 官话 Graduate MCS student. Interested in data analytics and travelling.
Ariana Cai
Also speaks 官话 Szechuan I like to travel, explore food and take pictures and videos!
Austin Camps
Graduate Computer Science Student, I enjoy running and hiking.
Srinjoy Das
1st year MS in CS
Tommy Yang Ge
New York City Favorite sports are basketball and tennis. Also like traveling!
Subhajit Gorai
Also speaks हिन्दी I love CS and always eager to learn and develop new computer systems.
Ryan Guo
Also speaks 官话 Badminton Rhino lovers, assemble.
Bin-Chou Kao
Also speaks 官话 Graduate Computer Science Student
Greg Lee
Johannes Vermeer Lover of computer science, hater of bean sprouts
Jiaxin Li
Also speaks 官话, 廣東話 A master student in CS :)
Eric Liro
Also speaks polski Crime and Punishment MCS Student. I play violin and guitar. I like to read!
Hongyi Liu
Also speaks 官话 8-year LoL player. (Supposedly) know Python, C++, Java, English.
Aneesh Manoj Lodhavia
BS/MCS student from the Bay Area.
Andrew Justin Luo
Also speaks 官话 Potatoes Hello! I'm Andrew, a masters student studying computer science.
Naveen Nathan
Current MCS Student. Previously CompE @ UIUC. From New Jersey!
Zhuoer Wang
Also speaks 官话 I'm an MCS student. Enjoy programming with C++ and Python.
Ziyuan Wei
Also speaks 官话 Graduate MCS Student. I love music, food and coffee! :DD
Joshua Ge Wu
Ramen Hi, I'm Josh. I enjoy coding and playing video games.


Arjun Aggarwal
Also speaks हिन्दी Hi! I'm a Freshman in CS from India
Sue Ahn
Also speaks 한국어 Hi, I'm Sue! I am a sophomore in Math&CS.
Dhruv Baronia
Also speaks हिन्दी c++ programmer helping c++ programmers
Kareem Yusef Benaissa
Howdy I’m Kareem, a sophomore in CS+Econ.
Yirong Chen
Also speaks 官话 Freshman studying Math
Evan Freeman Coats

San Diego native studying CS, philosophy, and math

Georges Durand
Also speaks français I like to climb rocks and program on a raspberry pi
Ben Evanoff
Also speaks français Mac and Cheese Linguistics student, I bring outdoors. Happy to help you :)
Akshay Ghosh
Sophomore in Stats & CS from the Bay Area, took CS 128 last semester!
Grace Go
Also speaks 한국어 Carbonara Pasta Hey, I'm Grace! I also worked as a CA last semester :)
Sambhav Gupta
Also speaks हिन्दी, français I am Sam (freshman, CS). Love to help and explain in intuitive way :)
Rachel Huang
Also speaks 官话 Sushi I'm a freshman in CS from SF and I have 2 pet tortoises and a bird!
Labdhi Jain
Also speaks हिन्दी Chocolate Cake Hi I'm Labdhi! I am a CS major, and I love cars!
Jeewon Koo
Also speaks 한국어 Junior majoring in CS from Seoul.
Chris Kull
Senior in CS that drinks too much tea.
Shlok Mehrotra
Also speaks हिन्दी Cats Math and CS enthusiast! Probability is cool.
Yug Mittal
Also speaks हिन्दी, español Took 128 last semester. I'm a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan.
Atharva Naik
Also speaks français, हिन्दी, मराठी Python Hello! I'm Atharva and I'm a Math & CS major from Singapore.
Stephanie Patterson
Also speaks español Sophomore studying CS and Linguistics from Naperville! :)
Aydan Pirani
Python Hi! I'm Aydan, and I'm studying CS; looking forward to next semester!
Cayla Joy Risinger

Welcome to CS 128! I'm looking forward to helping you learn C++!

Aziz Saifuddin
Destiny 2 Hi I'm Aziz, a senior in CS from the Detroit area!
Ayaan Nirmal Shah
Also speaks हिन्दी, ગુજરાતી Cheese Fondue Hi! I'm a freshman in CS. I like lattes, lame jokes, and swimming
Abrar Shawkat
Also speaks বাংলা Sophomore, avid biker, likes java
Yanzhen Shen
Also speaks 官话 Toronto Raptors Freshman studying Stats and CS.
Jonathan Tessel Sneh
Also speaks עִבְרִית‎ Super cool Math & CS student from California. I like poetry & climbing
Athish Thiruvengadam
Just another student stumbling his way through CS.
Hassam Uddin

Hey, I'm Hassam. I'm a freshman studying CS and Math.

Phyllis Jia Wang
Hi! I'm Phyllis, a student studying CS. I like sci-fi and animals.
Arthur L Wang
Bacon Hello, I'm Arthur Wang. I'm a freshman in CS.
Albert Nan Xiao
Also speaks 官话 Python Hi, I'm Albert, a freshman CS major from New Jersey.
James Taorui Xie

CS Major from the burbs

Allison Ye

Freshman in CS from Palo Alto, CA.

Brandon Zhang

Freshman in CS + Stats

Ethan Zhang
I enjoy working out and listening to music
Adam Christopher Zuiker
Hey, I'm a sophomore in {MechE} + {CS minor} who loves to swim