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Michael Nowak
From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Yirong Chen
Coding Math & CS student
Georges Durand
Antibes, France Hi, I’m Georges! Outside of CS, I’m an avid cook and rock climber :)
Nathan C Park
Hi, I'm Nathan! Dev at work, cat dad at home!


Sayantani Basu

PhD student in CS

Jason Jun Situ
Badminton PhD in CS. I'm a big fan of badminton and skiing.


Evan Joshua Berman
My name is Evan, I'm a sophomore from Vermont studying chemistry!
Brendan Adam Biernacki
Marching Illini Sophomore in CS and Math. Hope you enjoy the class!
Sambuddha Biswas
C++ is the goat
Owen Patrick Cushing
CS + Music. Love all things sound and technology.
Tyler Cushing
Math and CS major that needs more break time. Happy to help!
Joey Gangolf
I like the playing the bass and c++ :D
Ben Guan
Lord of the Rings Hi! I’m Ben, a sophomore studying CS. I like piano and video games.
Shreya Kannan
Cat Love C++, Python, playing the violin and tea!
Adrian Lara
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Hello, I’m Adrian and I enjoy playing Pokémon Go in my free time.
Leah Nicole Ludwikowski
Axolotl Hi I’m Leah! I love cross stitching, baking, and being out in the snow
Chris Munoz
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory I love to learn how games are programmed from the ground-up!
Noboru Benjamin Myers
Solidworks Hi, I'm Nobo! I like playing piano and singing in choir.
Cayla Joy Risinger
I enjoy doing craft projects and reading books!
Julian Schiavo
hey hey! international italian swift lover, daydreamer, night coder
Varun Shroff
Java I love watching most sports with soccer being my favourite.
Gwendolyn Slaughter
Penguin Hi I'm Gwen and my favorite programming language is Java!
Ryan To
Bacon Hi! I eat, game, eat, sleep, and repeat. Oh, don't forget eating.
Lumi Xu
Zelda Hello!! I'm Lumi, a Math major and podcast lover