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Michael Nowak

From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Daniel Gleason

Heya! Talk to me about video games, music, and nerd stuff :)

Nathan Park
Also speaks 한국어 Full-stack dev from Seattle.
Adarsh Suresh

Hey, I'm Adarsh! I'm a junior in Math & CS.


Austin Camps

I am a MCS student, I enjoy running and hiking.

Srinjoy Das
Also speaks বাঙালি Hey! MSCS student. I like Reading, Drawing, Soccer, Working out and video games
Greg Lee

Masters in CS! From California and afraid of the cold.

Naveen Nathan

Current MCS Student from New Jersey. Previously CompE here at UIUC.

Vishakh Suresh Babu
Also speaks മലയാളം MS student in Computer Science
Kerui Zhu
Also speaks 官话 I'm a first year ms student. I love going skateboarding.


Kareem Benaissa

I just took 128 last semester so I know how you feel. You got this.

Kanav Bhatnagar
Also speaks हिन्दी Junior and Math and CS. I like swimming, puns, and Pokémon.
Aaron De Los Santos
Also speaks Tagalog Hi there, I'm Aaron.
Erin Dowdy

Junior studying CS + Geography & GIS from St. Louis.

Georges Durand
Also speaks français Hi, I like to cook and code on my rasberrypie 🤠
Grace Go
Also speaks 한국어 Hi! I like bubble tea and badminton :)
Kasey Han

Hi, I'm Kasey! I'm a sophomore in CS and I enjoy making art.

David Johnson

Hello! I'm David, an ECE Junior. I like C++, Rust & making video games

Christopher Kull

Tea drinker interested in computer generated music.

Leo Li
Also speaks 官话 I like C++ and JAVA.
Shruthik Musukula
Also speaks español, తెలుగు, हिन्दी Hey there, I'm Shru! I like creating, teaching, and dancing.
Atharva Naik
Also speaks français, हिन्दी, मराठी Hello! I'm a Sophomore in Math & CS from Singapore.
Long Nguyen
Also speaks tiếng Việt I like to play tennis and sip on boba
Sarod Nori

Lover of C, assembly, and all things low-level

Rishi Patel

Hi guys! I'm Rishi and I'm excited to work with you all!

Shrey Patel

Avid basketball player, portland trailblazer fan

Stephanie Patterson
Also speaks español Hi, I'm Stephanie! I'm a sophomore in Linguistics :)
Cayla Risinger

Some of my hobbies include making jewelry and playing card games!

Ishaan Sehgal

Hi I'm Ishaan! I like to play the guitar, skateboard and go running.

Ethan Zhang

I am excited to be your CA this semester!