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Michael Nowak
He / Him From {MI, TX}, Trinity U (B.Sc) / TAMU (Ph.D.)
Jule Schatz
She / Her University of Michigan (B.S.E, Masters, and Ph.D.)

Senior Staff

Yirong Chen
He / Him Math & CS student
Georges Durand
He / Him Stat and CS Senior
Anjali Uma Goel
She / Her I’m from Dayton, OH and I love to paint! Current MechE major/CS minor.
Nathan C Park
He / Him Hi, I'm Nathan! Dev at work, cat dad at home!


Elen Chatikyan

Chaoran Cheng
3rd year PhD student working on AI4Science topics.
Shadman Saqib Eusuf
He / Him Aside the roles of a grad student, likes strategic video games.
Grace Go
She / Her sugar addicted & sleep deprived ML theory lover :D
Mike He

Zhengyuan Li

Ananay Priyank Mathur
Just another human trying to adult, one coffee at a time.
Anna Mazhar

Sarang Mohaniraj

Daniel Moon
He / Him Hello! I spend many hours reading + Factorio and code sometimes
Iniya Rajamani
I enjoy photography, dancing, and I have recently taken up chess!
Md Iftekharul Islam Sakib

Abhi Sathya

Talal Touseef
Here to help you squash bugs
Eleanor Wedell

James Taorui Xie
MCS student and coffee addict


Isaac Yu Ang
UIUC Computer Science + Linguistics '26/'27
Evan Joshua Berman
My name is Evan, I'm a junior from Vermont studying chemistry!
Rishabh Bezbarua
He / Him Heya, I'm Bez! I like programming, movies, and video games.
Adarsh Bhandari
Sophomore majoring in CS+Advertising. Loves red pandas.
Sydney Reese Casey
She / Her Will code for sushi.
Owen Patrick Cushing
He / Him love music, art, and technology. make awesome things!
Arnav Dani
avid 49ers fan, C is both the best and the worst programming language
Emilia Grace Daniels
sophomore in cs, occasional artist and musician
Andrew Minxing Di
I like looking at trees
Tianshun Gao
A senior in Math & CS
Timothy D Gonzalez
Hello, I'm Timothy! I enjoy programming, biking, and strategy games.
Ben Guan
He / Him Hi! I'm Ben, a rising junior CS major. I love gaming and reading!
Aarohi Gupta
Hello! I am a fan of ML, playing/listening to music and practicing martial arts.
Aadit Vikram Kolar
Hey! I'm Aadit, an above average programmer and mediocre cyclist
Rudra Kukian
Hi! I am a current freshman and I love coding and sports.
Adrian Lara
He / Him Hello, I'm Adrian a current sophomore in CS. I enjoy playing Pokemon on my GBC.
Colin Michael Li
I'm a CS Freshman who loves to travel and play any racket sport!
Sophia Liu
Sophomore studying CS, passionate about art and cyber security!
Hansen Liu
From Jing'an, Shanghai
Leah Nicole Ludwikowski
She / Her Hello, I'm Leah! I'm studying CS, and I love winter and cats!
Anush Mishra
Hi, I'm a sophomore Physics major!
Yug Mittal
He / Him CS major who enjoys "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom"
Jack Morby
Avid programmer by day and jazz sax by night (nevermind both at night)
Shubham More
He / Him coffee, C++, rinse and repeat. Looking forward to a great semester!
Anish Mukherjee
Coder, Aca-fella, Packer Fan, and Alarm Snoozer
Chris Munoz
VirtualAlloc enthusiast
Noboru Benjamin Myers
He / Him Hi my name is Nobo and I'm a mechanical engineering major with a CS minor.
Cayla Joy Risinger
She / Her I enjoy doing craft projects and reading books!
Matthew Shang

Gwendolyn Slaughter
She / Her I'm a Junior majoring in Information Science + Data Science and doing a CS minor
Saashin Subramaniam
sophomore cs 🦧
Ryan To
Hi! I eat, game, eat, sleep, and repeat. Oh, don't forget eating.
Rohit Valmeekam
Bay Area -> UIUC. Sophomore who loves Stats and CS.
Bennett Wu
Hobby pianist/photographer, anime/tech enthusiast.
Kevin Haoming Xu